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, unless we have agreement that precludes us from doing it. and any foreign government absent such an agreement that doesn't think we may be spying on them doesn't live in the real world. that's the way it is, doesn't
leaving that country and accusations. wabashar assad's regime is using weapons of mass destruction to attack out its own citizens. and the pentagon sending a message. the top brass suggesting that the u.s. military is ready to act on a moment's notice in syria. >> and remembering the day when the martin luther king junior had a dream. it is a half century later. and tonight, following the to the steps of a civil moment in american history. and also former vice-president cheney speaking loud and clear on the national issues which are front and center on the minds of many americans. >> don't put the nsa with the irs. they are totally different problems and issues and i believe there is ample evidence that the irs abused the player and daughter liz a political candidate. words from the father/daughter duomaking headlines. >> i am harris faulkner. how will the united states respond to the crisis in syria that has millions of people pouring over the borders trying to escape the slaughter house that their country has become. it could create now havens for terrorist and american national
some of our u.s. embassies and consulates closed in the wake of a terror warning. >>> and some lawmakers are not mincing words, calling it the most serious threat we faced in many years. what they now know about it, to americans overseas. >> after benghazi, these al qaeda types were really on steroids, thinking we're weaker, they're stronger. >> those operatives are in place because we received information that high level people from al qaeda in the arabian peninsula are talking about a major attack. >> there's been an awful lot of chatter out there, chatter means conversation among terrorists about the planning that's going on, very reminiscent of what we saw pre9/11. >> fox report, so what is possible? what we're learning about the enemy's latest strategies to kill us. and our best options to keep americans safe. >>> also a witness says the driver was looking for blood, summertime on the board walk for hundreds of people shattered by someone on a mission to mow down the crowd. >> he sped up and purposely, looks like purposely was swerving back and forth to run over as many pe
. here is what we know. there's little doubt syria is using chemical weapons on its own people, from a senior obama administration official. is it time to fire away? >> i certainly would do cruise missile strikes. i think you can do that without boots on the ground, without having americans in harm's way. >> if the military advises, this could destroy the chemical weapon stockpile, i would support that. >> fox report, the latest response here and overseas to new talks of military intervention against the assad regime. also bugging, the united nations? a new report says america's spy agency, the nsa, targeted u.n. headquarters. in minutes, what the latest allegations against the nsa could mean for washington and our allies. and when you run with the bulls, you want to dodge the horns. but there's another danger lurking in america's newest past time, the drones over the sand. no really, you have to watch out for those, too, apparently. i am harris faulkner. the pope, leader of one billion catholics around the world has spoken about syria. as you know, world governments, including our o
here for us and them. if you had a win or lose list from failed state in egypt, the egyptian people and american people would be on the loser list. >> fox reports how what's happening thousands of miles away effects all of us here. >>> also, conspiracy theories abound after reports surface the deaths of princess diana and two others that fateful night in paris was no accident. in minutes, scotland yard responds. >>> plus, men overboard. the quest to win america's cup takes a dangerous turn while cameras are rolling. >>> as egypt is on the brink, growing debate with u.s. lawmakers over whether to continue to provide the increasingly unstable nation with hundreds of millions of your tax dollars. arizona republican senator john mccain who originally supported that, pulled an about face saying to stop the money, believing our credibility is at risk. >> we thought at that particular time it was not the right thing to do because we wanted to give them opportunity to get back on the path to democracy. obviously not the case. when you threaten it and not do it, then you lose credibility and
says the u.s. should take military action against the assad regime inside war didn't torn syria for using chemical weapons on its citizens but according to the president he will wait for congress to vote on the issue. the news coming fast tonight from around the globe as the world watches and waits for a positive u.s. strike. prez obama making his case for action in a statement today in the rose garden saying the deaths of innocent civilians at the hands of their government should not go unpunished. >> here's my question for every member of congress and every member of the global community. what message will we send if a dictator can gas hundreds of children to dmeth plain sight and pay no price? make no mistake, has implications beyond chemical war fair. if we won't enforce accountability in this heinous act what does it sap to other members who do this? the governments who would choose to build nuclear arms? the terrorists who would spread biological weapons? >> we should tell you, any possible strike could still be days, maybe even weeks, away. the president wants congress to
not confirmed that plot. but all this comes as the u.s. steps up its drone strikes inside yemen. such strikes have taken out 38 suspected al qaeda militants in just the past two weeks alone. >>> an emotional reunion and brand-new reaction now that a multistate man hunt for a suspected killer and his kidnapped victim is over. hannah anderson rescued last night. the man who allegedly took her, james dimaggio, killed in a shootout with law enforcement. 16-year-old hannah whisked away to a hospital for evaluation. today her father, brett anderson, talked with fox news by phone before heading to idaho to join his daughter. >> what's the first thing you're going to do when you see hannah? >> let her know that i love her and her country was looking for her. >> what would you say to other parents out there who would be going through something similar to what you faced this past week? >> just, you know, pay attention to these alerts. they obviously work. it was great that as a nation people came together, kept an eye out, and hopefully that will happen every time one comes across. because we can save
travel alert to any american traveling overseas, warning us to be on the lookout for any public place, especially transit systems. this is the first time a warning on this broad scale has been issued since september 11, 2011. confirmed details about the threat remains scarce, but lawmakers say the u.s. intercepted terrorist communications that are warning about a possible terror attack particularly in the middle east, north africa and the arare yan peninsula. molly begins our report from washington. what have you heard from the white house? >> the white house said president obama was briefed this morning on the al qaeda terror threat and will continue to get updates throughout the weekend. the president is pending his birthday weekend. he turns 52 tomorrow, at camp david. according to public reports he picked up increased chatter. kapting a terror attack could be carried out in the coming days. also hearing from general martin dempsey, the joint chiefs of staff and indicates they are targeting western interest not just u.s. interest. she's what general dempsey told a abc news about th
a teenage girl before the worst might happen. nfederal agents and u.s. marshals and dozens of local law enforcement on a mission to find this kidnapped killer. some on horse back to traverse some of the most rugged terrain. the man tock a tone age girl after murdering her mother and brother. tracking the experienced outdoors man. and no return willed areness area. >> we can say that some folks lost their home. >> mayhem and torrential rain and mudslides in one colorado town. and not everybody could escape its path. and is this the face of an angel? first responders think so after a mysterious man a ratified in the scene of the accident in response of the prayer and vanished without a trace. >> it is my feeling that it was nothing but more than sheer faith and nothing short of a miracle. >> i am harris faulkner. a man a cowed of double murder on the run with a young girl he kidnapped. authorities turning to what appears to be the best place to go if you don't want to be found. the frank church river of no return wilderness. the search for 16 year old hannah anderson and joe dimaggio focu
who sacrificed so much for all of us. where wounded warriors are timing up with olympics coaches. >> it is a lot. you cope them pushing every day. and you push to become better even though you have injuries and you owe it to them to keep on-going. >> and i am heather childers. and a major part of obama care and weeks away facing real uncertainty. i am talk about the insurance exchanges where americans are required to buy health insures can buy the policy. this is a matter of increasing debate today. the republicans a cows the white house of botching the obama care roll out and pointing to several delays and republicans on the hill, even see the upcoming budget fight as the last chance to stop the law that they fear will damage our economy and alter our health care system. elizabeth, what did does the president say about criticism from the right. >> he said they are full of empty promises and the law is showing signs of businesses and yet republicans are calling it a trek wreck and not working the way it is supposed. to they are calling on the senate to delay the implementation of
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)